Monday, 12 March 2012

Chalice ~ In My World


Chalice ~ In My World

Chalice were an English band that migrated to Perth, Western Australia in the early 70s and basically played covers of the day for a few years. After gathering a good fan base they moved to Sydney and recorded this one only album Produced by John English. Overflow is half originals and half cover versions including Seals and Crofts, Beach Boys and Mac Davis to name a few. The first single was the Beach Boys "Sail On Sailor" but is didn't do very well with local radio picking up on the album track that I have featured here, an orignal called "In My World". This track features a great Who sounding riff and the vocals are very reminicent of the Rubinoos, in fact if you didnt know who this was you would believe it was the Rubinoos. The album is patchy for the power pop collector and the song listed here is probably the best track on it. Still worth tracking down if you can find a copy. A classic lost power pop gem from 1975.  NOTE: There will be a reissue of this album in 2012 which will include a good amount of rare unheard material plus their singles.

City: Perth
Year: 1975
Label: Polydor
Format: LP
Song: In My World (1975 LP Version)


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  2. Did this release of Chalice ever come out last year? If so, I do I get a copy of it? Thanks!