Monday, 12 March 2012

Loaded Dice ~ Mam'selle


Loaded Dice ~ Mam'selle

Here's a lost power pop gem from 1979. Loaded Dice where a hard working rock power pop band from band Perth that I would go see from time to time. They were touted as being the next big thing from the West and got signed to a major label, but like the "Boys" listed below, big things never happened. They had good songs and were very good at making the crowd rock in there home town but when they moved to Sydney it was hard to get the local crowds interested and it wasn't long until they disbanded and returned home. They released a couple of singles and great album called "No Sweat" which had a lot of energy just like their live shows but poor sales pushed this album into the sale bins. I'm not sure if Mam'Selle is the first single or the second becasue I have never seen a copy of the other one. I remember seeing them on T.V. once playing the song "Telephone" which could mean that this one was the second.

Mam'Selle is rocking power pop track with lot's of harmonies and hooks and a chorus sung in French no less. They should have toured France beacause this would have been a hit over there. Great stuff.

PLEASE NOTE: 2009 saw a CD reissue of their "No Sweat" album. please visit the following link to get a copy:

City: Perth
Year: 1979
Label: WEA
Format: 7″
Song: Mam'selle

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