Saturday, 10 March 2012

Someloves ~ It's My Time

Someloves ~ It's My Time

Let me start off things with a great single which was the first for this part time combo. The band consisted of Dom Mariani (Vocals/Guitar), Gary Chambers (Drums) both from one of Australia's best garage bands The Stems. Daryl Mather (Guitar/Vocals) from a great garage band called The Lime Spiders and Christian Houllemare (Bass) from a band called the Happy Hate Me Nots. These guys share a love for all things power pop and decided to cut a single together when the Stems where touring the east coast of Australia (The Stems are from the west coast) and found some spare time. The single took quite some time to record as parts where recorded in at least 3 different studios in Sydney during 1985.
This is an excellent jangly guitar pop song worth tracking down if you can (only about 1000 copies pressed) but you can also find it on an upcoming Someloves CD compilation which includes both sides of this single and their debut album plus bonus tracks. You can hear it here first ~ enjoy

City: Perth/Sydney
Year: 1986
Label: Citadel
Format: 7″

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  1. Never got to hear this track by the Someloves before. Longtime fan of the Someloves, DM3, the Stems and anything Dom Mariani has done. Thanks for posting! Great to discover a new powerpop blog. Feel free to check out my music blog at I will add your blog to my list of powerpop blogs on my blog. Husband and I will be moving our blog to a new domain in the near future.